Offshore operations

SEM-REV is part of a large regional industrial and research network. The offshore test site enables:

Provision of an offshore area fully dedicated to the installation and operation of technologies through the permits and authorization obtained:

  • Approval under the French “Water Act”: preliminary consultation with sea users (fishermen, local authorities, associations) and environmental impact studies
  • The temporary concession for the occupation of a restricted sea zone: conditions of use, markings, maritime security with preliminary notice and recommendations to the maritime authorities
  • The power exploitation permit granted by the Ministry of Energy

Provision of access to meteorological data, oceanographic data and to control means, as well as offices for test surveillance

Maintenance of monitoring tools in operational conditions

Environmental impact assessment (marine environment and other usages)

Respect of rules regarding maritime safety

Support for the developers in terms of marine operations (booking of naval means, divers, sub-contracting to qualified staff…)

Support for transport and logistic activities (storage in harbor in the area, handling, booking of handling zones…)

Published on June 30, 2017 Updated on July 3, 2017