Onshore research center in Le Croisic

The onshore research center is located in Penn Avel Park, on the coast, and belongs to the Coastal Reserve. The research center:
  • Has offices for the SEM-REV team and industrial partners who are carrying out tests
  • Has a workshop
  • Receives oceanographic and meteorological data measured at sea

Electrical Substation

  • The export cable connects the SEM-REV sea test site to the coastline in the electrical substation. The electrical substation is also connected to ENEDIS (French distribution system operator) network.
  • The electrical substation is located approximately 750 m from the onshore research center
  • It enables modification of the electrical current characteristics produced by MRE devices on the SEM-REV sea test site to make them compatible with ENEDIS network characteristics

Nantes-Saint-Nazaire harbour

  • Handling and lifting infrastructure are available locally mainly in the harbour of Nantes-Saint-Nazaire. It is equipped with a 400 ton-crane and several 40 ton-cranes. Different types of dry-dock can be used for launch access or prototype assembly.
  • Storage quays for devices and components are available and can be fitted out for cleaning for example or for the mechanical and electrical preparation of prototypes.

To make a test request, contact the team :

Published on June 30, 2017 Updated on January 25, 2019