Sea-GRID Call for Expression of Interest

The Sea-GRID Call for Expression of Interest aims to develop concrete and innovative solutions, based on energy produced by marine renewable energy technologies (MRE) at the SEM-REV test site, run by Centrale Nantes. This Call was conducted in 2020.

The 5 projects selected in the Sea-GRID call:

  • T2P, led by Geps Techno, involves extending their WAVEGEM hybrid platform, already installed on the SEM-REV site, into a multi-technology test platform, with a strong electrical and energy management focus (hosting sensors, electrical machines and offshore storage solutions).
  • SEAMAC, led by SEGULA Technologies, aims to demonstrate, in real conditions, the REMORA solution - a high-volume compressed air offshore energy storage system. Patented by SEGULA, this environmentally-friendly solution offers high yield potential (recovering up to 70% of stored electricity). The SEAMAC project should lead to the installation of the demonstrator on the SEM-REV offshore site in 2023.
  • SEA-LHYFE, led by Lhyfe, comprises players from the Pays de la Loire specialising in MRE and offshore structures. Together, they will develop and operate offshore platforms for the production of green hydrogen, using renewable resources only. The project aims to validate their concept of offshore green hydrogen production on the SEM-REV site, before moving to full-scale rollout in 2024.
  • Octopus, led by SuperGrid Institute, aims to develop and demonstrate an innovative technology to reduce the cost of electricity produced by marine renewable energies. Naval Energies (France), Nexans (Belgium), and SuperGrid Institute (France) will join forces in this project to demonstrate an underwater active hub solution, designed for future floating wind farms.
  • Croisic-GRID, led by EDF, is based on a strong local presence. Its objective is to install a battery demonstrator powered, in particular, by offshore technologies (FLOATGEN wind turbine and WAVEGEM platform) near the SEM-REV onshore research centre in Le Croisic, a space that could also become an information centre for MREs.

Sea-GRID presentation

The final objective of the projects proposed will be to develop technological components related to the offshore production of energy, as well as its local uses on shore. These solutions should offer added value in terms of managing the electricity produced offshore (smart grids).

Sea-GRID relies on the facilities and skills of the three organisers: Centrale Nantes, via its SEM-REV offshore test site, which already supplies electricity to the grid, and RTE & Enedis, who are responsible respectively for the transmission and distribution of electricity across the grid.

Expressions of interest should propose solutions for the electrical connection between sea and shore:
  • OFFSHORE: Via a floating platform to test - in real conditions - the electrical machines of future offshore power substations and solutions for energy storage and monitoring at sea.
  • ONSHORE: Through the implementation of a concrete example of a smart grid, which will be the interface between electricity produced offshore and its local use (e.g. carbon neutral mobility solution, storage, self-consumption...).

The above list is not intended to be exhaustive. Expressions of interest may address one or both parts. The projects submitted may be individual or collaborative, provided that at least one partner is based in the Pays de la Loire region.

Selected projects will benefit from the technical support of Centrale Nantes, ENEDIS and RTE to confirm the feasibility of their project with a view to deploying a demonstrator at the SEM-REV site. They will also have the support of Sea-GRID partners: Pôle Mer Bretagne Atantique, Pôle S2E2, SMILE, Solutions&co and WEAMEC. WEAMEC is also offering the possibility of submitting seed projects within the Sea-GRID call.

These individual or collaborative projects, led by companies based in Pays de la Loire (for at least one of each project’s partners), represent tremendous catalysts for companies in the region, and an opportunity to develop new markets.

The Sea-GRID projects selected will benefit from the technological expertise of Centrale Nantes, ENEDIS and RTE to confirm the feasibility of their project. In the longer term the aim is to deploy a demonstrator at the SEM-REV site. They will also have development and funding support from Sea-GRID partners: Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, Pôle S2E2, SMILE, WEAMEC and Solutions&co, the Pays de la Loire Development Agency.
Published on February 6, 2020 Updated on October 25, 2022