Lara and Enored join SEM-REV to complete the team!

The year 2020 came to an end for SEM-REV with the news on a new demonstrator, the floating wind turbine EOLINK! 2021 has also gotten off to a great start as the team expands to welcome Lara and Enored. Let’s introduce these two engineers!

on January 20, 2021

Lara & Enored sur le front de mer au Croisic
Lara & Enored sur le front de mer au Croisic

Lara Latrasse, Offshore R&D engineer

After graduating with an engineering degree in Energetics and Renewable Energies, Lara decided to specialise in Marine Renewables. She first worked in the UK for an engineering firm called Wood. She was responsible for various engineering studies related to submarine power cables: routing, CBRA, CAPEX/OPEX, installation studies, etc. She then returned to France to work for Kraken Subsea Solutions where she was responsible for both business development activities and customer management, and for performing installation procedure reviews for Prysmian Power Links in Milan. Finally, to gain field experience, she joined Jifmar Offshore Services.
Regarding her new position at SEM-REV, Lara said: “This is a great opportunity for me to develop new skills whilst putting my subsea cable experience and project management skills to work.”

Enored Le Bourhis, Research engineer in Environmental Monitoring

Enored, who also joined the team on 4 January 2021, will take up the position of Research engineer in Environmental Monitoring. Specialised in the marine environment, especially in impact assessment, she has an academic background in environment management and a Master’s degree in Chemical Sciences of the Marine Environment. For 10 years, Enored assessed the impact of projects in the marine environment and carried out environmental monitoring at CREOCEAN (design office). In particular, she completed the Impact Assessment for the installation of the SEM-REV site and the testing of floating wind turbines. She assessed the impact of various MRE projects in Brittany and Pays de la Loire for farms and export cables. Her duties also included environmental monitoring and impact assessment of other offshore and onshore activities (harbour dredging, coastal development, pollution monitoring, scientific fisheries, and other samples). Here is what Enored has to say about her new position at SEM-REV: “I am joining the SEM-REV team as a research engineer in environmental monitoring as there is a lot of work to be done. My first assignments related to the SAFEWAVE and BlueGIFT projects.”

The SEM-REV team is now made up of 17 people, in various positions and with various responsibilities, all of whom contribute to energy transition by supporting research, innovation and MRE testing as well as all the issues raised with these technologies (connection, environmental monitoring, offshore operations, meteorological and oceanographic data, etc.). 2021 will be another great year for the offshore test site with a wealth of projects underway!
Published on January 20, 2021 Updated on March 19, 2021