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SEM-REV at ICOE 2021 on the challenges "Scaling up to Multi-Device: What does it take?"

During ICOE 2021 (International Conference on Ocean Energy), Thomas Soulard, Research Engineer at SEM-REV, participated in a live session regarding the European OCEAN DEMO programme. Together with Lisa Fitzpatrick, Project Manager at EMEC and James P. Murray, MSc, Programme Manager at Orbital Marine Power, they discussed "Scaling up to Multi-Device: What does it take?".

on April 29, 2021

Indeed, ocean energy has reached a critical stage in its development. Several full-scale prototypes have proven their effectiveness in real sea conditions and developers are preparing for the next step: scaling up to multi-device farms. This is the main challenge facing the industry today, and Ocean DEMO's aim is to address it and support collaboration within the sector.

In this session, the 3 speakers were able to talk about their experience in real sea trials and the challenges of scaling up, as well as the support still needed from the perspective of technology developers and test centres. The importance of strengthening cooperation within the sector and working together to drive the ocean energy industry towards commercialisation was also a highlight of the session.

As a reminder, SEM-REV is already hosting 2 prototypes on its site: the floating wind turbine FLOATGEN, installed in 2018, and the Wave Energy Converter WAVEGEM, since 2019. A third prototype will soon join the site, as the floating wind turbine EOLINK is also due to be installed there

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Published on June 7, 2021 Updated on February 16, 2024