THeoREM on the 2021 National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures

The French Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) announced on 21 October 2021 the inclusion of THeoREM on the 2021 National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures.

on October 18, 2021

The aim of the national roadmap is to set out French strategy on Research Infrastructures until the next update, planned for 2025.

THeoREM was already on the previous National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures established in 2018. THeoREM's continued inclusion on the national roadmap confirms the relevance of the objectives it has set:
  • Bring together the research infrastructures of Centrale Nantes (ECN), Ifremer, and Université Gustave Eiffel for national, European and world-class recognition across all sectors involving interactions between man-made constructions and the ocean environment, including marine renewable energies,
  • Place THeoREM on the ESFRI roadmap, (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures),
  • Pool efforts to validate the potential of their test facilities,
  • Boost the awareness of local authorities in Marine Renewable Energies through the network of test facilities,
  • Coordinate the scientific and industrial facility users,
  • Encourage and accommodate international MRE stakeholders,
  • Open the infrastructure to training.
Published on October 18, 2021 Updated on October 27, 2022