THeoREM's test facilities among the most requested in the MaRINET2 Transnational Access program

With 295 applications received, 170 projects selected and the funding of more than 600 weeks of access to the MaRINET2 consortium's test facilities, the outcomes of the MaRINET2 Transnational Access program are extremely positive. This transnational program is a major component of the MaRINET2 project (H2020-INFRAIA, 2017-2021) aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) technologies.

on April 5, 2022

With a budget of 5.5 M€, the Transnational Access program, has provided to approximately 170 developers of MRE converters free-of-charge access to 54 test facilities across 11 European countries. The winners have had the opportunity to validate and optimize their concepts, allowing the most successful ones to go through different stages in their technological development, from proof of concept in the laboratory to pre-industrial validation at sea.

The THeoREM Research Infrastructure provided five of its main facilities for this transnational program. With 44 access requests in total, i.e. about 15% of all access requests, THeoREM's testing facilities appear to be among the most requested.

The industrial and academic developers whose projects were awarded access time were able to benefit from weeks of testing in the Centrale Nantes and IFREMER test basins, on Ifremer's material test benches, as well as on the SEM-REV offshore test site. In addition to acquiring new knowledge, the expertise provided by the teams operating these facilities has enabled them to evaluate the performance of their concepts, ensure their derisking, and identify possible solutions for optimization.
Published on April 1, 2022 Updated on October 19, 2023