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FORESEA backs 5 techs under the 5th call, including 2 at SEM-REV

FORESEA is an €11m project which helps to bring offshore renewable energy technologies to market by offering free access to a world-leading network of test centres: EMEC (UK), DMEC (NL), SEM REV (FR) and SmartBay (IE). 5 new technologies will be tested in this framework.

on February 27, 2019

The EU-funded FORESEA programme has awarded recommendations for support to five offshore renewable energy projects under its final call. The successful projects have been selected due to their high readiness level for real sea testing within the year. Final confirmation of support will be granted to developers upon contract with the relevant test centre.


5 new techs will be tested

The following technology developers were granted support packages at the respective test centres by the FORESEA Selection Board:
  • IFREMER: ECHOSONDE at SEM-REV, Centrale Nantes
  • Wisub: SCORE at SEM-REV, Centrale Nantes
  • Green Marine: ALARM (Adjustable Lifting Aid for Recovery for Moorings) at EMEC
  • Resen Waves: RABBIT (Resen Waves Smart Buoy Sea Trails) at EMEC
  • Swirl Generators Ltd: STACS (Sea Trial of Autonomous Control and Seaworthiness) at EMEC

Focus on the 2 projects tested at SEM-REV

Centrale Nantes and IFREMER are both partners of the WEAMEC project called ECHOSONDE, which aims to develop an integrated acoustic observatory to monitor  the impact of marine renewable energy (MRE) on coastal pelagic ecosystems. As part of this project, the acoustic echosounder is due to be deployed on SEM-REV test site. It will provide new methods for integrated acoustic monitoring and a unique high-resolution dataset on the local coastal pelagic ecosystem prior to the building of offshore wind farms.
(Picture: IFREMER)

The project SCORE (Subsea Connector for Offshore Renewable Energies), developped by Wisub, aims to test at sea an innovative pinless submarine connector. The high frequency microwave electronics enables inductive power transfer and the transfer of large amounts of data at high speed.

Final call FORESEA

This is the final call for FORESEA. Real sea testing will continue next year through FORESEA’s follow up programme: “Ocean DEMO”. It will provide free access to world leading open sea test centres for multi-machine enabling technologies in marine renewable energy projects. A first call for Ocean DEMO will open later this year.
Published on February 27, 2019 Updated on February 14, 2024